Why book with us?


Value for money

We can say comfortably that there is no Koh Phi Phi Island tour that delivers so much for anywhere near the same price. From what we do and where we go to what’s included. And it’s not just quantity but quality to. Our drinks and our food are freshly made, our crew are super friendly and helpful and our boat is absolutely amazing. We encourage you look at our competition because we are confident you will book with us after.

The Boat

The large, well equipped boat was designed so that you would be comfortable. From the cushioned seating in spacious areas to the two western toilets and everything in between. If you are going to spend 5 hours stuck somewhere then it has to be fun and comfortable, we know this.

Unforgettable Memories

You will probably only visit Koh Phi Phi island once in your life, so why not do it properly? We guarantee a flawless experience and just in case your memory is that bad, we have a professional photographer who takes photos all day and uploads them to our Facebook page for you do download for free!

Our Experience

Run by the Sunset Adventure Group, a Koh Phi Phi Island tour company that has been running for over 10 years now. Very few people on Koh Phi Phi have as much experience of the islands as we do. We know what makes a great tour and we have been delivering great tours for a very long time on a number of different boats through the years.