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Monkey beach

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Not far from the pier we leave from is Monkey Beach, Thailand (not Monkey Island, Thailand as many people call it). We will get you on board our large, custom built Pirate Taxi boat and cruise you straight over the coral waters and onto the beach where you will be met by humanities furry cousins. After some time getting to know them, and no doubt getting some selfies, we have to say goodbye as we head back to the pirate boat for more adventures.

Koh Phi Phi Lee

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After Monkey Beach, we take a cruise across to Koh Phi Phi Le, the second largest of the Phi Phi Islands. This will take about 20 minutes so take the time to sit back, relax and take in the beauty. Enjoy some chilled out music, a drink and the lovely company onboard.

Viking Cave

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Shortly after arriving at Koh Phi Phi lee we will happen across Viking Cave, The Phi Phi islands largest cave. Here your experienced and knowledgeable tour guide will give a speech telling you why people are living in this cave which will cover some of the history of the island and the provinces birds nest industry.

Pileh Lagoon

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Once we get here, it’s time to cut the engine and take in the serenity. We park up outside the lagoon for about an hour as several activities are available to you here…


The reef at the entrance to Pileh Lagoon is lovely and shallow, perfect for inexperienced snorkelers as you can just strap on a life jacket, stick some snorkel gear (provided) on your face and float around as the underwater world reveals itself to you. Those more experienced can swim away from the entrance and watch as the bottom slopes down into greater depths for the daring and adventurous explored. The range of experience catered for here makes it the ideal spot for a Koh Phi Phi snorkeling tour to visit!

Not comfortable using the equipment? just let one of the super friendly staff know and they will gladly help you!

Visit the lagoon

Jump aboard the Pirate Taxi boat and head into the lagoon, by far the most beautiful part of the trip, DON’T MISS IT!! Once inside the lagoon you are surrounded by 360 towering cliffs and stunning blue waters. Jump in take a swim. Pro tip – Take a life jacket with you and wear it upside down around your legs for the perfect sea chair!

Like to be active? Then maybe you’d prefer to enter the lagoon by kayaking. Head towards the back of the boat and ask the staff to set you up with a kayak. They’ll help you in and pass you your paddles. Once you’re ready, paddle your way in for an amazing experience. Keep to the wall on the left and you’ll discover the little mini lagoons that branch off from the main one that most other people won’t find!

Unexperienced? Don’t worry! Kayaking phi phi is incredibly easy due to its flat, protected waters.

Loh Samah Bay

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A short cruise from Pileh Lagoon delivers you to Loh Samah. A small beach, rock pools and caves decorate this bay and for those interested in visiting Maya Beach, a short walk through the jungle from here is the best way to experience it for the first time. Jump into the Pirate Taxi Boat or swim over to the island to take this route. You won’t regret it.

For those who would rather chill out onboard and be delivered to Maya Beach directly by boat, stay on board to cruise around in to Maya Bay after. Visiting this way will mean less time on the beach though.

Maya Bay

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This is it, the one everyone comes to Phi Phi to see. Made famous by Leonardo Dicaprio in the movie ‘The Beach’. This giant, almost closed off bay is host to Maya Beach and a couple of smaller ones as well as some of the clearest waters you will ever see and a stunning array of tropical sea life all wrapped up in towering limestone cliffs. Cameras out for this one.

For those who would rather not head over to the beach, Maya bay and Loh Samah offer awesome opportunities for more of the best snorkeling in Thailand, swimming and chilling out. If you are feeling brave then feel free to dive in from the top deck! Don’t worry, the water only looks shallow because it’s so clear. Still, make sure to ask a member of staff first!

Sunset at Sea

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As the Koh Phi Phi sunset starts to mark the end of on an awesome day of aquatic adventures, we like to park up somewhere with a view and replenish our energy levels with some lovely freshly cooked Thai food. Get comfy as our crew bring round dinner for everyone, cooked on the boat by our professional chefs with a generous helping of love. After the sun is out of sight, we head back to the mainland to deliver you home safely.