What We Do

Check out all the things we do on our tour!

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Visit the monkeys

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We take a the pirate taxi boat to the world famous Monkey Beach, Thailand (not Monkey Island, Thailand. It’s not actually it’s own island!). Here you can meet the furry critters that inhabit it. Get a picture with these lovable characters but make sure to hold onto your camera (and other items) firmly. The expression ‘cheeky monkey’ exists for a reason

Learn about Viking Cave

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We pull up in front of Viking Cave to look inside and learn about the people living inside. Why do they live there? What are they doing? Can I live in the cave as well? We will answer all your questions and give you a brief history of the island at the same time!


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Koh Phi Phi snorkeling is some of the best snorkeling in Thailand. It’s world famous and for good reason. We will take you to a couple of awesome spots where you can jump in and see for yourself. Snorkeling equipment is included!


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Kayaking Phi Phi is not something you normally get with a Koh Phi Phi Island tour, but we’re not a normal boat trip. Our boat is so big that we can carry Kayaks around with us. This means you can Kayak in Maya Bay without first having to Kayak to Maya Bay!!!

Explore the lagoon

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Exploring Pileh Lagoon at Koh Phi Phi Lee is quite possibly the best thing you can do on a Koh Phi Phi snorkeling tour. We park up outside to give you ample time. You can ask our crew to take you in by boat or kayak into the Pileh Lagoon yourself, it’s up to you and totally unmissable!

Visit Maya Bay

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You can’t come to Koh Phi Phi Lee without doing a boat trip to Maya Bay, so naturally we stop by there! Anyone who has seen the movie ‘The Beach’ knows that visiting Maya Beach on Koh Phi Phi Lee is not to be missed. And yes, our staff will take a picture of you and your friends doing a jumping shot for you!!

Sunset Dinner

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After a hard day of exploring you’ll need to refill your stomach. This is why our chefs are toiling away in the kitchen to make sure everyone receives a lovely traditional Thai meal as the Phi Phi sunset paints a beautiful scene for us.