What to bring

Though a lot is included, there’s still a few things we recommend you bring.


There is a medium to high chance that you might get wet during this trip and want to dry off. You’ll be glad you brought one on the journey back to land.


We do have a professional cameraman on the boat who uploads all the photos to facebook after the trip, but still we can’t guarantee he’ll catch exactly everything you want. He has lots of people to snap after all. Anyway, you can never have enough photos of yourself in paradise!


You might fancy a drink at some point during the tour around the island. Paradise and cocktails go so well together. So bring enough money to make sure you don’t go thirsty.

Phi Phi Lee also has an unavoidable marine national park fee of 400b for everyone who visits the island by boat. Your guide will collect this from everyone before the trip

Sun screen

A wise man once gave a lot of advice but if he could offer you only one tip for the future, it is wear sunscreen. Even if it is cloudy, wear sunscreen! Hats are also a good idea, more silly = better.

Water Bottle

We provide free water and even cups! But for trip to the beach or kayaking missions, you might want to take some with you. Bottles are perfect for this.

Didn’t pack a water bottle in your suitcase? Not a problem, you can buy water bottles at any 7-11. They are incredibly cheap and even come with free water!

Dry clothes

After your last dunk in the sea you might like to strip off your wet and salty clothes and put on something fresh. You’ll feel a lot better for it

A bag

Bags make carrying several things easier, it’s kind of their thing. Something a bit waterproof is a good idea as even if you don’t plan to go swimming with it, people will be dripping everywhere. 711 give away free bags (and straws) with every purchase if you need one. If you don’t need it then tell 711 not to give it to you. Save the planet!

A full stomach

Have a big lunch! We will feed you throughout the day but the main meal isn’t until sunset and you will need a lot of energy between lunchtime and then. Something nice and stodgy to keep you going

What not to bring.

Passport, credit cards, explosives or your dog/s