About The Boat

The Pirate Boat is large and comfortable with lots of shaded and sunny seating, a beer bar, a good quality sound system, snorkels and kayaks, full crew including english speaking tour guides and professional chefs, 2 toilets and a pirate taxi boat for delivering you straight onto beaches.

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Top Deck

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The large top deck is designed to resemble a Thai style, chilled out bar sitting high out of the water with the ever changing and stunning view that only a cruise around Koh Phi Phi could offer.  It is split into 2 parts, one open topped for sun lovers while the other covered for those who don’t like too much direct sunlight. Furnished with comfortable seating and tables throughout and a fully stocked bar to supply a variety of drinks ranging from soft to hard, and always ice cold.

The Bar

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Found in the center of the top deck, nestled nicely between the sunny front part and the shaded back, is our fully stocked and reasonably priced beer bar. If you’re just looking for a nice soft drink, a freshly blended fruit shake or a coconut with a straw in it then that is an option as well. Of course, water is free!

The Foredeck

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The foredeck provides a more quiet area where you can chill out and look over the bow to the what’s ahead of you. Comfortable lazy style seating give you somewhere more private to hang out with your friends and really appreciate the view in a more chilled out way.

The Hammock

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Feeling like getting your chill on? There aren’t much better places than the hammock found at the front of the boat. Climb in, kick back and relax with one of the most beautiful views you’ll ever see (and also a beer. You’re on holiday!)

Pirate Taxi Boat

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Big boats can’t pull up on beaches, they get stuck in the sand, or even worse, coral first. This is why bigger boats have tenders that can deliver you from the boat to the shore. With a capacity of 80 people, our boat needed something more than a standard dinghy or even a longtail taxi boat. That is why we custom built the Pirate Taxi Boat. With a super wide body it is able to hold lots of people while coping with the rolling waves of shallower waters. Our front ladder also allows you to step down from the boat and straight on to the beach, perfect!

Lower Deck

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Found at sea level, this will be your way on and off the boat and in and out of the water. Towards the rear are 2 huge ladders for getting in and out of the water for activities such as snorkeling, swimming and kayaking. Of course, you could always just jump off the top deck if you’re feeling a little crazy. At the back is where the smaller pirate boat will come to pick you up and take you off to explore the shallow beaches and lagoons of Koh Phi Phi

Down here is also where you will find the 2 large toilets as well as the kitchen where you’ll dinner and snacks will be cooked. Don’t forget to say hello to the chefs as you pass their window!


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The pirate boat was custom built, combining comfort and enjoyment. Building finally completed in 2016 after years of planning. Owned and built by a local Thai man with over 15 years of experience in big boat tours on Phi Phi, owning and running many boats during that time, he set out to build to the perfect boat tour in Koh Phi Phi using his years of knowledge and experience.